The important thing is to not stop questioning… It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.
— Albert Einstein

Our mission statement

We embrace the unknown and the thrill of discovery. We ask the big questions and come up with creative ways to answer them. All approaches and techniques are at our disposal in our hunt to find the right tool for each problem. We’re proud of our science, proud of our team, and proud to develop the next generation of curious, fun-loving, rigorous scientists.  


  • Our curiosity is insatiable.

  • We are fearless in the pursuit of truth.

  • We do the right experiment, not the easy one.

  • Our team is our secret (and best) weapon.

  • The buck stops with us.

  • We've got grit.

  • We are our toughest reviewer.

  • Thinking outside the box is our go-to.

  • We're a little intense (not just about RNA)—and we like it that way.

  • We never take ourselves too seriously.

The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, [s]he’s one who asks the right questions.
— Claude Levi-Strauss

We are committed to doing science in a lab we love, and so we care a lot about our culture and who joins our team.  We have some idea on what we want our lab to look like. It's not perfect (yet), but we're getting there.


Putting ideas into practice

So what does all this mean, practically? It means that:

  • We have a one-conference-a-year policy.

  • We have a weekly lab meeting.

  • We have a biweekly book club, reading books like "The Structures of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn.

  • Once you've been in the lab for a year, you get $2500 for any science that you want to do. No questions asked.